Jason Loeppky


P.Stat. Statistical Society of Canada
Ph.D. Simon Fraser University
M.Sc. Simon Fraser University
B.Sc. (Hon.) University of Guelph

Professional Affiliations

Chair of Electronic Services Development Committee, Statistical Society of Canada
Manager of Electronic Services, Statistical Society of Canada
Secretary of Business and Industrial Statistics, Statistical Society of Canada


J. Loeppky, Discovery Accelerator Supplement, NSERC
J. Loeppky, Analysis and Optimization with Complex Computer Models, NSERC
J. Loeppky, Generating and Understanding Learning Outcome Data in Statistics, NSERC Engage with Mathtoons Inc.
J. Loeppky, Modelling Fatigue of Forest Fighter Pilots, NSERC Engage with Conair Inc.
Y. Lucet, W. Hare, J. Loeppky, S. Tesfamariam, NSERC Collaborative Research Grant with Softree
E. Rosolowsky, J. Loeppky, High-Resolution Calibrated Simulations of Star Formation, Compute Canada
E. Rosolowsky, J. Loeppky, Simulating Star Formation, Compute Canada
J. Loeppky, Design and Analysis of Experiments in Large Scale Computer Simulations, NSERC


Year Publication
Brown, M., Moore, L., McMahon, B., Powell, D., LaBute, M., Hyman, J. M., Rivas, A., Jankowski, M., Berendzen, J., Loeppky, J., et al. Constructing Rigorous and Broad Biosurveillance Networks for Detecting Emerging Zoonotic Outbreaks.
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Jason Loeppky, Ph.D., P.Stat.

Associate Professor, Statistics
University of British Columbia Okanagan
3187 University Way, Kelowna, BC
Canada V1V 1V7

Office: ASC 348
Phone: 250.807.8795
Email: jason.loeppky@ubc.ca